spiffin’ up this kitchen: a dry goods bookshelf

consider this the sequal to “fixin’ this kitchen: an arctic ice backsplash”.

i’ve been meaning to do a specific post our now-not-so-new dry goods bookshelf for, oh five months now. you may recognize her from last week’s post on bowls…yes, bowls.

the bookshelf is actually A’s brainchild. he’s always thinking of better ways to arrange or organize our home to make it more efficient this is uber helpful when his suggestions line up with my thoughts on decor. this is one of those moments. savor it, because i’m quite stubborn in this arena.


we added the bookshelf in response to the lack of reachable (for me) kitchen cabinet real estate and to encourage clean eating and cooking. the jars keep our favorite dry ingredients sealed tight and front and center for regular use – ranging from cacao nibs to slivered almonds to golden raisins. most of our guests enjoy that the pantry has xantham gum in ready stock (for gluten-free clean baking, of course).

i’d love to be able to tell you that the trip to Ikea to procure said bookshelf was a bonding experience for A and i but we both know that’s not realistic. i’m 100% blaming it on Ikea’s hectic screaming-children-filled aisles and general over-stimulation and barrage of options. the trip was a disaster. when it came time to decide on a shelf i had a freak out. more specifically, i had convinced myself that ingredients and bottles and such out in the open would look messy and cluttered. being the kind, calm, and patient man that he is, A gave me lots of time to vacillate the potential outcomes, all te while steering me towards “this probably won’t look heinous”.

when i finally got my act together and sealed the deal, we combated my worries by purchasing about every glass storage jar that Ikea had in stock. i came home from work the next day to a completely assembled dry goods bookshelf ready for organizing magic. it took some time, and multiple trips back to Ikea for even MORE jars to get the arrangement and array of options right, but now that the project is completed i can’t imagine our kitchen with the bookshelf.


more later, but THIS for now!

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So much more on this later. But for now, this:

On Sunday we gave this little guy a forever home! A 1 yr old Miniature Pinscher rescue from Pet Project shelter in Marseilles, IL, his jam is playing hard, cuddling up, and lounging with a bone. Let the adventures begin!

[Name forthcoming; suggestions welcome!]

updates forthcoming.

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If there ever was a magician that specialized in the blogging disappearing act…

But with a good reason. Or two. Or to be honest, what feels like a hovering nebulous cumulonimbus cloud that could blanket the Atlantic. Dramatic? Always. But honest, since that’s what we are here.

I’ve been missing in action, but the action has not been missing me. Tomorrow: updates and thoughts and photos and some context to what this quote up top might have to do with it all.

Thanks for all your sweet, sweet comments and notes checking in since posting has gotten spotty at best. I’m so lucky to have you sharing this space with me.

See you back here soon!



After neglecting true St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans for the past few years, I made the executive call to indulge in at least one green beer at a local Irish establishment. Finn’s in East Lakeview, Chicago has been my personal favorite local pub since moving into the neighborhood 5 years ago. So, after a morning run that required more recovery than I’d like to admit publicly, I hopped over to said bar for green beers with A and BFF Carling. There aren’t photos from that because I was to busy inhaling beer and giggling and listening to all the banter.

But there is this one lone photo of the green beer I anticipated all week. Worth the wait.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Coming up later this week: A recipe for slow cooker corned beef and cabbage that I probably should have posted earlier this week but just made for the first time last night. And holy shamrocks was it delightful!

SNL does Scandal.

Any Scandal fans in the house? After claiming that I couldn’t stomach Olivia Pope after the first two episodes, I became uncontrollably hooked at some point mid-Season 1. When A went to the lake house to focus on a music deadline in January, I spent as many waking moments as I could glued to the dramatic madness that is Scandal.

This parody hits it spot on. The “contacts”, time constraints, break-ins, and over-the-top sexual tension. It’s all here and with a new wacky character that asks all those follow-up questions that any normal human being would ask in the world of Pope and Associates.

Also, it is well worth mentioning that Lena Dunham hosted Saturday’s SNL and there are many more skits worth checking out. This one, GIRL, had me. Watch the full episode here.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We’ve got some good stuff this week. A product recommendation and a new mexican dish that will be returning to our kitchen often.