Mindful Health: A Day in Clean Eating.


If you read yesterday’s post on getting back to clean eating, then you’ll know that this post is as much reminder for myself on how to eat clean as it is information for anyone else.  Eileen, remember all those delicious and healthy meals you’ve enjoyed from your own kitchen? Eat those!

When discussing clean eating, a common question that comes up is “How hard is it to cut the junk?”. This is often preceded by “HOW DO YOU LIVE WITHOUT PROCESSED FOOD?!”. The general consensus outside of clean eating is that this change would be drastic, difficult, and limiting; and to be honest, the first few weeks felt like that. Meal planning was confusing and stressful since my old go-tos (frozen dinner, heaping bowl of pasta, etc.) were now off the list. My brain felt locked in a limbo of feeling too overwhelmed by this new diet to truly explore it, and at the same time, pouting over having to give up excessive consumption of some of my favorite (though wildly unhealthy) foods.

But, a few weeks in, after a little research, reading, and recipe browsing, the picture of clean eating started to come together. Eight months later it is still coming together. From what I’ve learned, truly embracing clean eating requires shifting the focus from what is restricted to the incredible amount of options available.

Today I’m sharing “A Day in Clean Eating” to show the variety and satisfaction of a typical day. While clean eating is not a lifestyle that everyone may choose for themselves, there are fantastic gems that can be easily adapted in one’s effort to make healthier choices.

Q: What does clean eating mean?

A: Clean eating, put simply, means eating more vegetables, fruits, grains, and whole natural foods by cutting out processed foods rich with preservatives, saturated and trans fats, and non-natural refined sugars. In the grocery store, this leads to my ritual ingredient check: more than five ingredients, or the use of any preservative terms ending in -ates, -ites, or corn syrup, and the product goes right back on the shelf from which it came.

Need more info? Read this post on getting started with clean eating.

Let’s get on with our play-by-play of a day in clean eating!






blackbeanburger2.2013 vegpizza2.2013 CLEAN AFTER DINNER SNACK/DESSERT:

coconutfruitsalad 2.2013

Here’s a few additional clean eating posts, that help provide background for the diet and my experiences with making this change in my life. Feel free to comment or e-mail me directly with any questions!

Clean Eating & Cleansing:


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  • http://peeinthebeans.wordpress.com Kelly

    Those all look delicious! What is your plan for salad greens? In my experience, they tend to go bad faster than I can eat them. Do you shop frequently or do you have a special storage secret?
    Thanks so much for sharing. It keeps up my motivation to cut out the junk!

    • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake

      Thanks for stopping by and reading, Kelly! Oh salad greens – aren’t they difficult sometimes? I tend to buy one big carton of spinach and kale at the beginning of the week and keep in a container that doesn’t create too much moisture with the greens. I’d say that we shop pretty frequently (I always know how healthy I’m eating by just how frequently), but we do still have a bulk storage for any canned and dry goods. This comes in super handy when I decide on a whim that I NEED banana nut bread that night or else.

      My storage secret for dry goods and canned goods has been keeping everything pretty visible so that I don’t forget. We have a dry goods bookshelf which keeps everything that is healthy out in glass airtight jars so that the things (outside of produce) that I should be focusing are in clear view, rather than the treat items like rice chips or rice crackers. I’ll be sharing a post on the dry goods bookshelf soon, so look for that one if you’re inclined to learn more.

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Hope cutting the junk is going well for you!!

  • http://www.see-town.com/blog Cortney W.

    Oh my goodness! This all looks so delicious!! I’ve found that black bean burgers are one of the best (and most filling) substitutes of it’s not so healthy, but delicious cheeseburger alternative.

    Way to go! Eating clean always feels so great + I truly believe it works to better your physical, mental + emotional states! Woo! You go girl!


    • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake

      Courtney, thanks so much for your comment here! Black Bean Burgers are high up on my list as well. In fact, they’re on the menu for A and my board game night this weekend. I’m going to pair with some roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts!

      Isn’t it amazing the way a change in area of life works its way into others? It’s all so related and while complex and intricate – sometimes I feel like the solutions to my problems and ailments are far simpler than I typically imagine. Glad you’ve found happiness with clean eating, as well.

      Thanks for the motivation and support!!

  • http://humblefoodie.com Humble Foodie

    I love this! Thanks for sharing not only the meal plan but pictures of the different meals too. Posts like this are significantly more drool-worthy when illustrated delicious pics of fresh tomatoes and that divine-looking beet salad.

    • http://leanerbythelake.com leaner by the lake

      So happy that you found the post helpful! I’m hoping to share more of these. I’ve been LIVING on that simple arugula salad since fresh tomatoes have started to pop up more often at our Whole Foods. I’m counting the days until heirlooms at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market. I swear, I spend my paycheck at the place.

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