cheers, to the windy city!

happy 175th birthday, chicago! you’re still as charming today as you ever were. here’s some favorites of mine from your past. keep up the good work, you’re a grand ole place to be.

you’ve been many things to me over the years. a vacation destination, a dream i wished for, a new beginning and fresh start, a city to navigate and learn, a comfort to come back to, and most importantly a home i can call my own. a place where i’m growing my own household. i can’t imagine venturing into adulthood in any other place.

1893 chicago world’s fair

1893 chicago world’s fair



1950s late night on state street


and in honor of your birthday, this evening i’m going to start Eric Larson’s classic, Devil in the White City. i’ve been meaning to read it for years. today seems the perfect day for a beginning.

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  • broadsideblog

    I’ve been to Chicago only three times (so far) and really enjoy it. There is a building in downtown that I have an attachment to — the North American Building at 36 South State Street. My grandfather was one of its developers. It is so amazing to me that I can walk into that building today. I waved to it the last time I was there, passing through by train from NY to Minneapolis.

    • leaner by the lake

      that’s very special! the old state street building are some of my favorites. the architecture of Chicago is something i love reading about. if you haven’t read Devil in the White City, i highly suggest it.

  • Rahm Emmanuel

    Apparently your 1837 Chicago pic is not Chicago.